Why studying non-stop for hours is a bad idea

As a student, or specifically a university student,today I want to talk with you (actually write. or type or post?) something that I learned over years of experience which is how studying non-stop for hours is generally a bad idea.

It’s a very typical irony that the whole semester,in our minds, is a honeymoon, unless it’s the end of semester. Especially when there are only few weeks left before final and you got a bunch of books unread on your desk. And this is the part when it happens. This is the part when you sink ourselves in notes and books, housemates are invisible in your eyes, you wish you can reside in a quiet cave, foods and shopping no longer excite you because you finally find out that you’re almost doomed.
This is the part when you wake up with books, you eat with books, you sleep with books, or perhaps the worst case, is go into the toilet with books.

We tend to practically read the textbooks for hours regardless of how our mind is doing. Like our body, brain can feel tired too. And when it’s tired, it can’t perceive information from the texts very well. So after hours of reading, and you try to recall what you have read the whole day long, you can recall only a few. You’ll start to say, “I know it, i know it, i read it just now” but you can’t recall no matter how hard you try. Or at times, your mind is no more focusing on the book, and you start to dream and think of non-related matters, while your eyes are still on the book! If you experience this, you’re not alone.

The point here is, there is a smarter way to memorize information, which is creating gaps between not more than 20 minutes of reading and you’ll find that it’s easier for you to recall the information you just read. But wait! The good news is, you don’t need an hour gap to rest your mind, 5 minutes is generally enough. So it will be 20-minutes-reading, followed by 5-minutes-gap, and then 20-minutes-reading again, then you can rest again. I’m telling you, i tried this and I can feel the difference. I feel less tired too.

This is just one simple technique of studying and I recommend you guys to try it. I know, everyone got his or her own ‘style’ of studying, so if you already found your style, that’s good. But if feel that you’re still on the air, trying this method would bring you no harm.

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