10 things I learn from Egypt

In Egypt, you won’t find moderation. Ada orang jahat sangat, ada orang baik sangat. Tak ramai golongan wasatiyah macam kat Malaysia. Haha. Bak kata orang, Mesir ni negeri Firaun tapi ia juga negeri Nabi Musa.Tak dapat dinafikan, banyak benda yang saya belajar dari Egypt. Yelah, 6 tahun membesar kat sini. Dah macam-macam pengalaman pahit manis masam dah kat sini. Dah macam-macam jenis orang saya jumpa. Here i made a quick analysis on things I learnt from Egypt. Bacalah kalau rajin.

1. VISA- the most complicated task to do on earth is acquiring residency in Egypt.

2. Don’t look innocent and kind. They like to cheat on innocent-looked foreigners

3. They’re loud

4. They create their own rules and they can change them whenever they like

5. They tend to be racists

6. Malaysians are a lot smaller in figure, compared to Egyptian. Egyptians are talll and biggg..You will look like kids to them.

7. Egypt has produced great professors and geniuses. Give them education, and they excel more than anyone on earth. The problem is, poor people don’t stand a chance.

8. They don’t like us making noises. But when they make noises, it’s the loudest noise you will hear. It’s like, “No no, you don’t get to make noise. This is our country. Only us can make noise.”

9. When they make promises, don’t believe 100%. Their ‘tomorrow’s really never die.

10. Kind people in Egypt are realllyy kind. As I said, no moderation. You get to meet really kind people, and really evil ones here.

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