The sacred RM50

Something happened today that each time I remember, tergelak sorang-sorang. It’s about RM 50. RM 50 that i withdrew from the ATM on my way to the supermarket. Disebabkan balance tinggal RM *** which is not a lot, 50 ringgit ku sangka cukup untuk shopping setakat di supermarket TF Value Mart, to be specific.

But what happened is a tragedy. I lost my principle. I was distracted by the display at the main entrance. What a strategy of the mart admin to display baby stuff near entrance. Who doesn’t melt seeing cute pair of pink babysuits? I do! I deliberately chose two. I thought,naah it wouldn’t outrun RM 50.

Here’s the tragedy. Done grocery shopping. In my trolley, there were bread, fenugreek seeds, seedless grapes and mayonaise. Guess the total? RM 57.75 and I only have Rm 4 extra in my wallet. Tak cukup 3.75!

Buat muka tak malu dan yakin, I said,”emm boleh buang barang sikit tak? I bawak duit cukup-cukup je lah” and I chose bread to be removed from the total purchase. I don’t know why bread, it’s very spontaneous, sedangkan it’s the mayo yang takde dalam shopping list yang asal. I guess I was panic. Plus tahan malu.

The cashier called a girl cashier for help. Maybe his senior? She asked,”awak ada berapa?” sambil seluk poket seluar dia. Was she about to top-up for me? I’m not sure but if she was, how sweett…
but no. I said, after buang roti, RM 55.05. And yes, after godek-godek coins, enough RM 55.05. Alhamdulillahhh what a big relief!

Malu? Of course! Tapi apa yang kelakar is I look penniless maybe sampai cashier tu kesian dan nak tolong topup. Haha. Bawak troley tapi barang nya ada 2-3 ketul je. ni semua babysuits punya pasal. Dan siapa suruh kedekut sangat withdraw RM 50 je nak pergi shopping?

Anyway, it’s a good attempt though to restrain myself to buy unnecessary things with limited amount of money.Although in my case, I chose unnecessary(babysuits) over necessary(bread). Hihi. Don’t you think it’s a good saving technique? If you have less in your wallet, you shop less!


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