Me and my EPO

I am verrryyyy frustrated. You know why? Let me tell you a story.

Since a while, I’ve been so into this reinduction-of-lactation thing. After being separated from my baby for months, my body milk has dried up, and Aya has started her formula not long after I left her. My frozen breastmilk stocks were limited back then. So, back to the story, I’m currently trying to reinduce lactation, so that I can continue breastfeeding,.If you follow my instagram, you’d know what i’m talking about, I tried almost everything. Well, not yet everything. But I’ve tried sooo many remedies and tips to boost my milk production. Sooo many. Because I really want to continue breastfeeding when I get home soon. Well, you know I currently live away from my family, husband and baby. If you know how wonderful breastfeeding affects your baby, you will not want to stop!

bf baby

I bought a new manual breastpump as i left mine at home. Breastpumps do not only work to pump out your milk, but to stimulate more production of milk. I bought one, and tried to do the pumping every 2 hours. But as my final exam is approaching, I reduced it to just few times per day. (I can’t do the pumping while studying. It’s MANUAL. Both hands work.) So that’s why I couldn’t do it every 2 hours. Now you see how this thing needs a very strong commitment.

Sayur bayam, sayur sawi, kacang badam, biji halba, any galactagogue(foods that boost milk), semua dah cuba. Welll, hampir semua. So here comes the frustrating part.

Sejak sarat mengandung, saya amalkan ‘evening primrose oil’ untuk memudahkan waktu bersalin. Hey it did work. Dan saya terus makan sampai sekarang, for its other benefits. I’m not really compliant for daily basis, but I did take them in a frequent basis. Dan semalam, entah macam mana, tergerak hati sangat nak ‘google’ balik kepentingan EPO ni. Memang banyak sangat khasiat especially untuk wanita yang ada masalah PMS, atau wanita yang hampir menopause. Ada banyak lagi lah khasiat lain. BUT, the frustating part is, EPO boosts a hormone called dopamine. And immediately after I read that, I found a startling fact in my book which wrote, “Dopamine reduces prolactin release.” OH MY GOD. Do you guys know what prolactin do? Increasing milk production!!! So I’ve been stimulating its release while inhibiting it at the same time! Isn’t it a stupid thing to do? Like brushing your teeth while eating oreo. Heh. Boleh bayang tak?

Hmm oreo

Hmm oreo

Begitu lah ceritanya…. Lain kali, do a thorough research before nak makan apa-apa supplement okay…A great lesson for me. And for anyone if any yang baca post ini. Wish me luck!

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