Having no fear is no good

I have a serious problem. Finals are coming, but i was not excited nor anxious like people normally do. And when i am not anxious, i would leisurely spend my time on cooking, baking, facebooking, blogging, like what i am doing right now. Dahlia Hazirah, wake up! You only have 2 days to buckle up, and expect no sympathy from your finals. Please, anxiety, fear, cuakness, nebesness, i summon you to come! Now I know the importance of fear. It somehow increases your performance. Macam masa sekolah dulu, takut cikgu marah tak siap homework, rajin la buat. Kalau dapat cikgu baik tak reti nak marah, sampai akhir tahun pun berkulat je homework tu.

Do you guys remember how i brag about the new study method? The 20-minutes read, and 5-minutes gap, bla bla bla..I am sinful to say, I failed to apply it myself. Because my 5-min gap would be 1-hour newsfeed scrolling, so i decided the method doesn’t suit me well. I have to salvage myself from phone-checking. I am a constant phone checker. Pantang ada vibration! In no time, the phone would be in my hand. Rasa nak campak phone jauh jauh. So the best is letak phone jauh jauh so you won’t, by any chance, see it, hear it,or feel it. Letak lah bawah bantal ke, atas lantai ke, asalkan not in your angle of view. Unless you have 360 degree angle of view like a ‘lalat’.Tak dapat nak tolong.

Next, always put a target. “By 12 noon, i shall finish this topic!”. Or if you’re futuristic, put a whole day or whole 2 days target like, “I must finish these 2 books by tomorrow”. Wait,boleh ke habiskan 2 buah buku dalam satu hari? Haaa that’s my secret skill. I can even sum up the whole year lectures and study them in one sacred week. Haha. I guess 99.99% college students are like me. Come on, i know i’m not alone on this. Jangan malu nak mengaku.

I have to say this. My husband is soo different. He’s not that type which waits for the final week to finish up all his studies. And when he’s having exam, everything becomes sooo not important to him. Like he already devoted himself to his studies. Like nothing else matters. Even me, his wife, doesn’t really matter to him when he’s so indulged in his books. I was pissed off sometimes, but at the same time amazed. Trust me, if you see him studying,you would automatically feel this sudden urge to study. That’s what happened to me last time when we study together. But now that i’m alone, and the view of him studying is no more here, I’ve turned into a lazy hippo. 2hari lepas, bila dia tanya, “Dah berapa page study harini?” I was like, should i tell him that I only read 3 pages this morning? Lol. No no, i shouldn’t. Takut kena marah! Haha.

Next target: The whole sem lectures in one day. Yosh!

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