Why studying non-stop for hours is a bad idea

As a student, or specifically a university student,today I want to talk with you (actually write. or type or post?) something that I learned over years of experience which is how studying non-stop for hours is generally a bad idea.

It’s a very typical irony that the whole semester,in our minds, is a honeymoon, unless it’s the end of semester. Especially when there are only few weeks left before final and you got a bunch of books unread on your desk. And this is the part when it happens. This is the part when you sink ourselves in notes and books, housemates are invisible in your eyes, you wish you can reside in a quiet cave, foods and shopping no longer excite you because you finally find out that you’re almost doomed.
This is the part when you wake up with books, you eat with books, you sleep with books, or perhaps the worst case, is go into the toilet with books.

We tend to practically read the textbooks for hours regardless of how our mind is doing. Like our body, brain can feel tired too. And when it’s tired, it can’t perceive information from the texts very well. So after hours of reading, and you try to recall what you have read the whole day long, you can recall only a few. You’ll start to say, “I know it, i know it, i read it just now” but you can’t recall no matter how hard you try. Or at times, your mind is no more focusing on the book, and you start to dream and think of non-related matters, while your eyes are still on the book! If you experience this, you’re not alone.

The point here is, there is a smarter way to memorize information, which is creating gaps between not more than 20 minutes of reading and you’ll find that it’s easier for you to recall the information you just read. But wait! The good news is, you don’t need an hour gap to rest your mind, 5 minutes is generally enough. So it will be 20-minutes-reading, followed by 5-minutes-gap, and then 20-minutes-reading again, then you can rest again. I’m telling you, i tried this and I can feel the difference. I feel less tired too.

This is just one simple technique of studying and I recommend you guys to try it. I know, everyone got his or her own ‘style’ of studying, so if you already found your style, that’s good. But if feel that you’re still on the air, trying this method would bring you no harm.


” I want to touch a dog” but I don’t want to

To be honest, I’m disappointed by how Malaysians reacted upon the running of a controversial event, “I want to touch a dog”.
Yes, it is weird, it is daring, it is controversial, and perhaps not necessary as it is a very sensitive issue among Malaysian Muslims, to be specific.. But me personally is not against it. Though I don’t have any gut to even go near one.
My reasons? Because I know dogs have been hated by Muslim society in Malaysia, though not all. People doesn’t feel bad killing and poisoning dogs, which is very very wrong and even forbidden in Islam. They are God’s creatures too, for God’s sake.

No 2, the event is not intended for fun, I believe. It is to raise awareness among Malays to not hating dogs and to not fear dogs. Dogs in malaysia are not only feared, but abused too. When children are taught not to be near dogs, they tend to hate dogs automatically whenever they see one. How do they react? Throwing stones,and some even beat them. No, this is not right. Because we have been teaching children to do something without them actually knowing why. The analogy that came across my mind is how parents have been teaching children to not go near a crazy dude on the street. Because of this, they grow up hating poor people with mental illness rather than having the heart to help them. Worse, people isolate them, beat them, chase them away. Now where is the part where we educate the society about human rights?

No 3, I believe the organizer is not a simple minded. Upon reading the programme details, I know he’s been planning everything with details. He even acquired permission from MAIS(Majlis Agama Islam Selangor). There are sertu coaches who was intended to teach participants on when and how to do sertu. I’m sure, there is very little number of Muslims who actually know how to perform sertu and samak. They also invited scholars to educate participants on how to handle dogs, why we can’t pet dogs, and other do’s and don’ts regarding dogs. He also made sure that all dogs are clean and healthy by providing a veterinarian service to examine all dogs which are to be brought into the programme. Perhaps the only mistake is that the participants went out of control when they got all excited uploading photos of them hugging dogs which had raised suspicion and confusion among society. Yet is it the organizer to be blamed 100%?

Yes, I read some scholars’s opinions that touching dogs unnecessarily is not encouraged in islam. It is enough that we stand for their rights, not let them sick and starve, and not to hurt them. But still, touching dogs is never Haram, But if we make contact with their sweat and saliva, it is compulsory for us to perform a cleansing ritual called ‘sertu’. Touching a dry dog with dry hands doesn’t require specific cleansing. Unfortunately, Malaysians tend to see it as haram as in definitely forbidden and sinful. Wrong fact needs to be corrected.

Muslims are forbidden from petting dogs in their houses as this will limit the cleanliness in ibadah and according to some scholars, Rasulullah has once said that owning a pet dog in our house would limit the rewards we would get from doing ibadah.
However, it is allowed to own a dog for security as taking care of farms or houses. Even in Islamic history, dogs are used by Rasulullah and companions as a guide during travels, but not as pets.

Whatever it is, my source of disappointment is not the critics that the organizer had received, but how the critics are done. People labelled him liberal, yahudi, useless, stupid. The only reason I’m writing this post is not to show support nor disagreement towards the campaign, though i do have my own stand, but I’m writing because I’m utterly frustrated by how most people doesn’t have any manner and respect in criticising. Isn’t he human too? We all know they’re no single human on earth who’s immuned from making mistakes except Rasulullah saw. Even if what they’re doing is wrong, do they deserve rude condemning words from public? i don’t think so. Islam teaches us to give genuine advice and education to those not knowing. Never had I heard that Islam allows us to spit rude words on our brothers’ face. Never. So why do we?
Where do we get the license from?

So brothers and sisters who read this, I hope I made my point clear. We have a better way to educate, which is far from spreading hatred and nasty words. And it is not fair to judge people without trying to look from their side of view. Even if they make mistakes, they deserve nice encouraging advice, because every one of us makes mistakes too.

It is hard

Dear love, I hope you’re doing fine.

Only 4 days have passed. Feels like 4 months. I’ve been missing you and Aya so much that I quietly weep on bed sometimes.

There are so many memories of us here. Every place I go would remind me of you.  Every thing I do would remind me of you too.

Yesterday I participated in the organization meeting and it reminded me of how we used to meet in a meeting.

When I saw a married couple with their 5-month-old baby, it brought my mind back to you and Aya.

When I felt sick and dizzy this morning, I remembered you used to be with me when I was sick.

When I feel tired of study, I remembered we used to study together last time and I would go to you whenever I’m tired.

Sometimes I can’t control it but it keeps coming that it started to hurt. Deep inside I’m hurt, I can feel the pain is throbbing and it feels like someone is gripping my heart and won’t let go.

But I know the only choice left is to be strong as you said and that’s what i’m trying to do since I left.

To be strong and keep going no matter how hard.

And it is hard.

if you think you are

You think you’re good, there is someone better.

You think you’re bad, there is someone evil.

You think you’re rich, there is someone wealthier.

You think you’re poor, there is someone poorer.

You think you don’t have enough, there is someone having nothing.

You think you’re alone, there is someone lonelier.

You think you’re hungry, there is someone starving.

You think you’re clever, there is someone wiser

You think you’re ugly, there is someone retarded

You think you’re beautiful, there is someone wonderful

You think you’re sad, there is someone hopeless


The world doesn’t resolve around you and only you.


Honestly, if you like me to describe how I feel about my life right now, the word is EMPTY. I feel empty. Whenever a friend asks whether I’m okay, of course I would say I’m fine. That’s what all of us do right? Telling people that we’re okay, we’re fine, well instead we’re not.

In every human’s life, we all go through transition periods. From living a baby’s life, then we enter adolescent’s period, then the marriage then having children and all..By every transition, you will find that your life is changing. Whether it becomes more miserable by time, or it becomes more wonderful. Well, of course the ups and downs in between.

As for me, my life has been wonderful ever since I get married and have a baby. Having a spouse who loves me, supporting me all through hard times, and never fail to make me smile and laugh. I love him and I love this marriage. We have a baby and it only adds up the fun in my life. This transition of my life had made me feel so complete and satisfied. But then when I have to leave them so far because he has started to have a job and me haven’t finished my study here in this desert country, Oh no, what’s this feeling, all the fun and completeness are sucked out from my life in a blink of an eye. I know this is temporary but still, I hate it.

I soo want to be like an ordinary wife, like preparing meals for my family, waiting for my husband to come back from work every day, have a date once in a while, go shopping groceries and baby stuffs together.. And I want to be a good mother who never leave her baby, feed her and change her diapers, smell her poo poo, hug her and play with her everyday, sing her to sleep with the softest voice I have, the list goes on and on..Oh how I miss those times…

Now that I have over 3 months of study life left, I can’t imagine how I am going to make it through. Even one month is so long now that I am suffering inside. Right now, I want to fly to my husband and baby. Or at least I want to bring my baby with me here. Everybody was telling and will be telling me that it’s a bad idea because sitting a baby while you’re studying would be tedious and it would only give you distractions and disturbance. Despite that or anything, I still want my baby. Hey, who in the world can separate a mother from her baby? Even animals have this mother’s instinct things, what makes you think I don’t have one? The dilemma is, how am I going to convince my family that I can take care of her just fine and I can study just well. What am I going to tell them, since my past years results are not excellent enough for them to have confidence in me. Even I sometimes question the same. Can I do this?

What a dilemma I have. I am soo pathetic.

My sleeping beauty

My sleeping beauty

I just want my baby. I am a mother and I do think a mother should be with her baby all along. She’s still too young and deserves love and affection from a mother. It’s good for her development and growth after all. I just want to be an ordinary mother.And I am no extraordinary by any means.

You made my day

Some people think that having a spouse is dragging you down from what you want to be.
But for me, having my spouse is pushing me towards the best of me. Subhanallah, it’s really a bless to love and be loved, and convey our love together towards The Almighty Allah.
There are so much things that we learn together. We support and teach each other. We exchange thoughts,although some of them (actually most) are not in sync but we have learned to accept the differences in us. Whenever I’m in despair, I know I have him with me and that makes me stronger than ever. Whenever he is in despair, I know I have to be with him. 
He, is the greatest gift from God to me. The best husband, the best father of my daughter Aya.

Now we’re thousand miles apart, him working in the homecountry and me, finishing my degree abroad. 
But I know even the longest distance won’t separate us apart, as lovers are in each other all along.

Woke up this morning, he sent me this.

A motivational quote from my other half

A motivational quote from my other half

It made my day,and I just can’t ask for more. He knows what I need best in the best of time. =)

Us, when I was pregnant-fat.

Us, when I was pregnant-fat.


LOL, LOLOL, LMAO, whatever, whatever. Just laugh your mouth off. You sure love to laugh don’t you? You sure are more easily attached to a person with some sense of humor rather than a sourplum guy who puts on serious face to you, right? Human nature!

People are more motivated to go to work when their officemates are funny. People can fall in love easily to someone who is funny because they are so fun to be with. People tend to automatically smile when they stumble upon someone funny that they know. Students love lecturers who are funny and they tend to stay awake the whole lecture because they don’t feel bored. People share jokes via fb, twitter, sms, because people love to laugh together, and it makes our day! Oh God, imagine a world without laughter? Disaster.

Laugh your stresses off, you’ll be happier. Sometimes, not all the time, we should take our life lightly. I mean, not so seriously. Even the most intelligent person in history, Albert Einstein loves to laugh and crack a joke. Why not crack a joke from your stressful life? Why not make a joke on your own embarassment? There must be something funny in it. There must be.

Ok, here’s the thing. Why has God created humans with sense of humor? The answer is simple. We simply can’t live without fun. Depressed people committed suicide because they don’t find their life fun anymore. Now can you see how humor has protected us all along? It reduces stress, releases endorphin which makes us relaxed, boosts our immunity, lessen the wrinkles on our face, delay our aging, gives us motivation to face the day. Maybe, we shoud learn from children. Although, I believe, they have their own stresses, like not getting ice cream because mama won’t buy, they’re always playful and take things lightly. Children are always fun! Don’t you think PLAYground and FUNfair are devoted for children? Because they are fun! Haha.(They can get annoying sometimes, but i think the same goes to adults. In fact, adults can be far more annoying)

Whatever it is, We owe you, uncle humor. You’re the hero! You’re fun! You’re awesome! Now, go be humorous.

Have some laugh,people.

Have some laugh,people.