New chapter of life

So…here’s some updates of my life.

After a looong while of not writing.

Finally after one year of unemployment, I’m now employed as a house officer at Hoshas. Being a preggie HO, is the last thing you want. You must walk fast and a lot. You got to rest your legs only when you got a chance, which is not always there. You got cramped legs at night, and the only thing you dream of is your patient. And i would wake up feeling tired again. Well that’s so far, is how my career life has been going.

Well thanks to my newborn baby, i now got 3 months rest from maternal leave. Yes i got myself a second baby in the middle of Ramadan. Her name is Yusra. Yusra Ramadani. Yusra is a crier, but somehow being a mother of two, i got used to it and not so stressed out. Well babies are all cry-ers. I shouldn’t expect less of her. One thing i’m very excited about this newborn is, i got to breastfeed again! Because last time with Aya, i only got to breastfeed her like for four months only, and it disappoints me so much. So i’m very determined for exclusive breastfeeding for my baby right now. It’s a challenging journey, if you must know. If you’re not determined enough, you’d probably not be compliant with all the pumping schedules and what not. And that’s what i’m feeling right now.

My milk production has dropped rapidly. My guess, it’s because i don’t always get my full privacy time for breastpumping, as i also have a clingy toddler to entertain. So basically my pumping session runs for 10 minutes usually, 15 min maximum, which i guess maybe not enough. It starts after raya that my milk dropped, it maybe also got something to do with my food intake. I don’t know. Because i don’t want to stress myself out so much, i bought several milkboosters to try.

I’ll tell you the result later.

My baby has started crying, means i have to stop here.

Till we meet again!(i mean in my blog);)

Nah belanja gambar satu. 😉