The sacred RM50

Something happened today that each time I remember, tergelak sorang-sorang. It’s about RM 50. RM 50 that i withdrew from the ATM on my way to the supermarket. Disebabkan balance tinggal RM *** which is not a lot, 50 ringgit ku sangka cukup untuk shopping setakat di supermarket TF Value Mart, to be specific.

But what happened is a tragedy. I lost my principle. I was distracted by the display at the main entrance. What a strategy of the mart admin to display baby stuff near entrance. Who doesn’t melt seeing cute pair of pink babysuits? I do! I deliberately chose two. I thought,naah it wouldn’t outrun RM 50.

Here’s the tragedy. Done grocery shopping. In my trolley, there were bread, fenugreek seeds, seedless grapes and mayonaise. Guess the total? RM 57.75 and I only have Rm 4 extra in my wallet. Tak cukup 3.75!

Buat muka tak malu dan yakin, I said,”emm boleh buang barang sikit tak? I bawak duit cukup-cukup je lah” and I chose bread to be removed from the total purchase. I don’t know why bread, it’s very spontaneous, sedangkan it’s the mayo yang takde dalam shopping list yang asal. I guess I was panic. Plus tahan malu.

The cashier called a girl cashier for help. Maybe his senior? She asked,”awak ada berapa?” sambil seluk poket seluar dia. Was she about to top-up for me? I’m not sure but if she was, how sweett…
but no. I said, after buang roti, RM 55.05. And yes, after godek-godek coins, enough RM 55.05. Alhamdulillahhh what a big relief!

Malu? Of course! Tapi apa yang kelakar is I look penniless maybe sampai cashier tu kesian dan nak tolong topup. Haha. Bawak troley tapi barang nya ada 2-3 ketul je. ni semua babysuits punya pasal. Dan siapa suruh kedekut sangat withdraw RM 50 je nak pergi shopping?

Anyway, it’s a good attempt though to restrain myself to buy unnecessary things with limited amount of money.Although in my case, I chose unnecessary(babysuits) over necessary(bread). Hihi. Don’t you think it’s a good saving technique? If you have less in your wallet, you shop less!


Parenting a one-year-old

Parenting a grown-up baby. ‘Grown-up’? Well I mean ‘grown-up baby’ as in, a baby grown up to be a toddler.

She walks, she talks, she sings (in her language), she imitates people around her. She’s like, not a baby anymore. Yeah..i know she’s not even 1 yo yet. But why why why, she’s growing up so fast. I hope i can catch up her pace. Well catching up a child’s pace is not an easy task. I think we should never underestimate their brain development. ‘Wow did she just do that?’ That feeling is great great great, I’m loving it! 😉

For now, i’m a full time mommy. Watching her developing new skills every day is exciting and MOMamazing. Seriously. Until I feel she can be independent, I will take care of her on my own. (Independent means she won’t be needing me around) Work? Hmm not yet my concern. My daughter is my focus now.

Caaayang dia bucuk2

Caaayang dia bucuk2

Since she is now in her learning and exploring phase, it sometimes worry me, how should I educate her the right way? Sing her songs? Read her books? Show her things and animals? Hurm..Well, that will need some research. But I like it when she learns through nature. Her excited gesture when she sees a dog, a bird, or a cat, I know she’s learning something. One thing I don’t like about her exploring instinct is when she picks up almost everything she sees on the floor and put them into her mouth, including ants! Second thing I don’t really like about her exploring instinct is when she suddenly disappeared and was found to be half way upstairs. Yeah it’s good that she can climb all the way upstairs alone but the risk that she would fall is unimaginably scaarryy…:( My heart jumps out each time she disappears from the family living room.

Yes, parenting a one-year-old(in my case, almost one year old) involves so many accidents. Knocking her head here and there, falling from bed..Thank God, she never got serious injuries. Not only accidents, but series of fever, flu, allergy are enough to make mothers worry so much. I don’t mind going to several clinics or spending a lot of money(if a lot) if it’s for her health.

So if you’re trying to imagine how parenting a grown-up baby would be like, these are only small parts of it.